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Tours for groups of between 10 and 26 take place on Tuesday or Wednesday evenings and need to be booked beforehand. Choose between the £11 and £17.50 option, the latter including a meal and souvenir glass. Dinner might be either a chilli or a stew cooked by Nell, the farmer’s wife (vegetarian alternatives are available).

Min age: 18


Purity beers in both bottle, mini keg & gift form, stylish branded clothing plus a wheat bear and pilsner from like-minded breweries on the continent.

Opening times

All year

Visitor Centre & Shop

Mon-Fri: 8am-5pm
Sat: 10am-1pm

Bank Holidays





Group Tours

£11, including tour & tasting

£17.50, the above, plus a farm-cooked meal and a glass to take away

Get in Touch

Tel: 01789 488007
Email: info@puritybrewing.com

Twitter: purityale
Facebook: Ubu

Purity Brewing Company
Great Alne
B49 6JF
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Established in 2005 by Jim Minkin and Paul Halsey, alongside a wish to produce tasty brews, Purity has always had a green approach at its core. Located on a farm in the picturesque Warwickshire countryside, Purity is not content with sending off its spent grains to cattle and recycling its spent hops as fertiliser. Right at the start, it was one of the first in the UK to construct a natural and sustainable way of handling its waste liquids (see below).

Tours take place a couple of evenings a week. Visitors get to see the reed bed as well as the state-of-the-art brew plant, before heading to the Visitor Centre for a tutored tasting through Purity’s range and, if chosen, a farm-cooked meal.

Active on the local circuit, you’ll often see Purity providing the bar at different events and 2010 saw them sponsoring the Birmingham Comedy Festival. Food and beer matching is close to its heart, with innovative matches to be found at what is now an anuual event at Simpsons in Birmingham.


  • Ubu – Silver, 2009 International Beer Challenge
  • Pure Gold – CAMRA West Midlands Bitter of the Year 2009
  • Mad Goose – Gold in Champion Best Bitter category, SIBA National Beer Competition

Annual Events

  • Moseley Jazz festival – September – Purity is the sponsor
  • Food & beer matching dinner, Simpson’s – one of Birmingham’s trio of Michelin-starred restaurants, October


Purity supports local causes through providing prizes for raffles or other fundraising events.

Eco-friendly Initiatives:

  • Purity was among the first in the UK to put in a sustainable, natural system to return its liquid waste to a clean enough state that it can be fed back into the river system 400m away. This uses the natural filtering properties of reeds, willows and alder trees. To quote from Purity itself - they put it better than I could!

The liquid waste goes through nine stages ranging from ponds, ditches, a reed bed and a weir before being discharged as pure water. As it flows through the course and is filtered and cleaned, the effluent feeds willow and alder trees, provides food for insects and helps green algae and other aquatic plants re-oxidate. The Environment Agency also uses the treatment system as a sampling point.

The natural treatment system has developed over the past five years into a wildlife sanctuary.

  • Heat exchange technology has been installed in the brewery, equating to an annual energy saving of 125 MW.
  • As well as supplying spent grain and hops to local farmers, all bottles are made from reusable glass.

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Visited Winter 2010