The White Swan


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Anyone can watch the brewers at work, but why not go one step further, and be a brewer for a day? Join head brewer Mark first thing as he weighs out the malts and the hops, help him create the boiling liquid that will be transformed into a brew to not only write home about, but take home yourself.

Opening times


Mon-Sat: 10am-11pm
Sun: 10am-10.30pm


B&K Brewery Experience

£25 - vouchers available

Get in Touch

Tel: 02392 891340

Twitter: @BrewhousePompey

The White Swan
26 Guildhall Walk
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Perhaps it's because of its seafaring nature, Portsmouth isn't short of a fine pub or two. So The White Swan in its previous Wetherspoon guise was one of several fine hostelries.

Now it's gone one step better though – it's installed a gleaming brewkit, centre-stage, right by the door as you go in.

What's more, not only can you watch the brewers at work, headed by talented Mark Wainwright, you can join in. Next time you are in, ask about the B&K Brewery Day Experience.

For £25 you'll find out about the whole process – and get involved too. So that could be you weighing out the malt, or hurling in the hops. And then, once it's had time to mature – you can't rush good things – you'll get to taste a beer brewed by your own fair hand.

I joined with Jane Peyton, aka School of Booze, to do just that, and created Island City IPA, a tasty rye IPA. You can read more about our day here.

Choose your glass at The White SwanDon't miss

  • the chance to match your locally-sourced food with truly local beers
  • Spice Island - a tempting 5.7% Chilli & Ginger Beer
  • the chance to choose your glass – stemmed or tankard - this is the question. And thank you for asking!
Visited: Summer 2013