Chase Marmalade Vodka

With an intense Seville orange nose, it's no wonder one of Chase Marmalade Vodka's favourite going-out guises is the Breakfast Martini.

Chase still

Gallons of homemade Seville orange marmalade go into every batch of vodka prepared using Chase's unique system: first the marmalade is distilled with the vodka to fully lock in the amazing flavours, before second, further steeping takes place to intensify the aromas.

The result? An intensely natural, evocative aroma which is highly enticing, making it very tempting to sip this neat rather than mix it up. But the purity of its aromatics makes it a great ingredient, whether you are heading down the Martini route or going for something longer.

If the latter, grab your favourite mixer - I'd go Fentiman's tonic myself - pile in the ice and relax. For the more adventurous, check out George's bar on the Chase website for their Cocktail of the Month suggestion.

£34-37, Waitrose & numerous selected independents & bars/restaurants throughout the country

Chase Marmalade Vodka