Lurgashall English Honey Mead

Lurgashall English Honey MeadThis is the most popular of the five styles of mead created by the people at Lurgashall, a winery who specialises in traditional English liqueurs, meads and fruit wines made from natural ingredients.

English Honey Mead certainly identifies with the honey that it comes from, thanks to a satisfyingly pungent heather honey nose, and sweet and aromatic full honeyed flavour on the palate. It’s lightened by a zestiness that would make it great with blue cheese, or an ideal accompaniment to ice cream.

Or, do as as Lurgashall suggest and try adding two-thirds tonic and a squeeze of fresh lime for a superb cocktail in the summer, and mull it with spices and orange in the winter.

12.5% £7.50/50cl; £45, case 6x50cl; from the winery & online