Thanks for the memories

DrinkBritain has appeared in its first book Every Wine Tells a Story, as part of a 39-strong global troop of wine writers, bloggers, traders and consumers.

Every Wine tells a story

Each of us was asked to write about our most memorable wine of 2011. So I was more than thrilled to be between the same covers as celebrated wine critic and writer Steven Spurrier, wine entertainer and event host, Neil Phillips (aka the Wine Tipster), and noted winemaker extraordinaire, Randall Grahm.

Packed with entertaining anecdotes, this book is all about giving those who are interested in wine “an unintimidating, friendly, amusing, interesting way to learn more about wines they may have heard of”, says book creator Tara Devon O Leary, adding “and hopefully inspire readers to try more wines unfamiliar to them.”

Hear how a bottle of Château d’Yquem saved Steven Spurrier from the jails of Paris, how a glass of wine from the Canary Islands made Randall Grahm think again about the merits of the Mission grape, and how an aged Madeira reminded wine writer and judge Jenny Mackenzie (www.earlybirdwinenews) of the art and power of seduction.

DrinkBritain’s choice? Well to be honest, I cheated a little. It’s been a great year for tastes, but what stood out for me was an experience – our visit to Ancre Hill in the sheltered valleys of Monmouthshire in late August.

Ancre HillOur first Welsh winery of note, and a charming story of the owners finding the place, setting it up, watching it grow and now, releasing the first sparkling wines. And all that before we had stepped out into the vineyard - typically in a suitably favoured, sheltered site – to see how this year's grapes were faring.

“I love having a Welsh wine in the book this year,” says Tara. “Personally I always find it exciting to discover new wines and a wine from Wales is something many people may not even know exists. I'm going to seek out a bottle of the Ancre Hill sparkling and am very much looking forward to giving it a try!”

Cheers Tara. Thanks for the opportunity, and hope you enjoyed your Welsh experience! If you have a favourite wine, Tara – aka the Wine Passionista – would like to hear about it. Head to her facebook page to add your story, or, even better, register here to contribute your tale in 2012. follow @Tara_Devon on twitter

£9.99,, 130 pp, black & white; available online; reduced to £8.99 at the time of writing