DrinkBritain needs YOU!

DrinkBritain.com logoDo you know of a great British drinks producer you can visit that you’d like to tell the world about? One where you can visit and find out what makes that drink so special? Or is there a pub, restaurant or shop near you which stocks a great range of British drinks?

Well we’d love your help in not only identifying these places, but also writing about them for DrinkBritain.com.

“I’m looking to appoint a dozen DrinkBritain.com regional scouts around the country who can help me share the fascinatingly dynamic world of British drinks as far afield as possible,” says founder Susanna Forbes.

“Come the autumn, we’ll be adding pubs, restaurants and shops to our site, and we’d love your help to make this possible.”

“There’s no multi-million transfer fee on offer  unfortunately, and we’ll be relying on you to take the initiative. But you will be bringing your local producers to a national – and international – audience,” explains Susanna.

“You don’t need to have a string of publications to your name, just a fascination with flavour and an urge to explore. Existing bloggers, we will link to your sites, and for those new to the blogosphere, we’ll share the secrets of writing a good post to get you started,” says Susanna.

“And we’ll be offering tasty drink-related prizes to the most entertaining contributions received the end of 2013, with the prospect of a regular column.”

British drinks champion

Cider vs Wine at The Thatchers ArmsThe first to collect all British drinks onto the one site, DrinkBritain.com launched in 2011. Fiercely independent, it champions artisan beer, wine, cider and spirits producers, and carries details on over 150 drinks producers to visit, as well as hundreds of drinks reviews and event posts.

The first to run English wine & food matching dinners with Artisan & Vine, 2013 saw cider taken to the dining room, with a sell-out Cider vs Wine tournament in conjunction with gastro-haven The Thatchers Arms, near Colchester.

Already on the drawing board, this initiative was crystalised in the eclectic and entertaining company of the delegates to this year's European Beer Bloggers Conference.

If you’d like to help, please email info@DrinkBritain.com by the end of September and tell us why you are the right person for the post.