Plumpton College

Plumpton College

Kevin Sutherland at PlumptonHakkasan's Christine Parkinson writes:

It’s not just the beautiful location below the steep pastures of Ditchling Beacon,

It’s the sights and sounds of a rural college: the metal-smithing, the tractor-driving, the sheep shearing.

It’s the excitement of being where good wine is made, yet still being in England.

It’s the generosity of the staff, always so willing to explain.

It’s the sense of possibility, of creativity, of students making their first wines,

It’s the thrill of knowing that graduates will travel far and wide, using English know-how to make some of the world’s great wines.

It’s the desire to get involved, to study here myself.

It’s the temptation to touch: the vats, the presses, the vines, because I haven’t got time to study here – yet.

It’s the bottle of wine I take back to Hakkasan; will it work with our food?

Yes, of course. It always does.

It’s my favourite visit.


Christine ParkinsonChristine Parkinson

Wine buyer for the Hakkasan group, Christine has featured English wines on the Hakkasan wine lists since it first opened in 2001. Having taken courses there herself, members of her team head to Plumpton College during the year to follow in her footsteps.